• Quote of the Day 2

    “The thing that’s missing [in local information] is a centralized place. You remember Weblogs.com [a running list of recently updated blogs]? There isn’t one for geography. A lot of interesting blogs got bootstrapped off of Weblogs.com because they were watching the traffic go by. A lot of people have tried the rocket science approach to… Continue Reading

  • Noted

    Niall Kennedy launches StartupSearch, a new analytics and reporting service (think Paid Content/ Tech Crunch meet Web 2.0 Google Zeitgeist). (Susan sez: Looks great!) Yahoo: Zod’s retiring; Yang’s filling in. BizWire: eBay buys stumbleupon.

  • Quote of the Day

    “Yahoo! is not the kind of company you can just retire from and forget about. It’s more than just using the products everyday or having your kids proud to tell their friends where Dad worked… (snip) ..One of the hardest things about deciding when to leave is the knowledge that Yahoo! is perpetually preparing to… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    “We’re living in two Internets. It looks much like the companies we find in the world of brick and mortar. One is about places, information, and data. It’s the buildings in which people work. The other is about people, relationships, and conversation. It’s the people who work in those buildings. One is a structure. The… Continue Reading

  • Dave does FaceBook, too

    I got a big kick out of Dave Winer’s Facebook post–where Dave (rightly) notes that FB’s how you know someone choices when you confirm a friendship haven’t ” been updated since Facebook was opened to people outside the education system. ” As Dave jokingly suggests, how about those selections for “delighted by,” “flattered by,””fantasize about,”… Continue Reading

  • Whatsa widget? (And why don’t some people get it)?

    I’ve been writing about–and fascinated by–microformats, APIs, structured data and widgets for about 3 years. so sometimes the amazement and mystification of other folks working online around the concept of widgets just baffles me. (See my/a June 2006 post on widgets here.) To make a widget, you need a good API, and an easy build… Continue Reading

  • Netsquared is now in San Jose/Santa Clara

    Was over at the Netsquared conference kick off last night, working on an elevator pitch with Michel Kuit for farmer2farmer, the sustainability farming open source tool project for which I’m the executive sponsor. Agenda’s here; presenters are from everywhere.

  • Quote of the Day

    “Interesting how much can change in just a year. ” -Serial entrepeneur Jason Calcanis, noting that 18 months later, most of the Weblogs Inc crew–and many of the AOLers they worked with–are no longer resident in Dulles–or anywhere at AOL, for that matter. A more detailed snippet: For those you playing along at home… the… Continue Reading

  • facebook’s freshman thirty (widgets & apps, that is)

    Mashcode’s got a list of facebook apps right here…and it’s a classic case of taking the API and making it available to a great set of services–Feedburner, College Humor, ilike, dogster–there’s plenty for everyone. Isn’t there an obvious question here why other networks with larger user bases haven’t developed their internal APIs in a way… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    “By providing a clear roadmap – and business opportunity – for the widget makers, Facebook has just increased it’s virtual R&D budget by over $250 million dollars. By welcoming third-party innovation, Facebook will reap the benefit of hundreds of millions of dollars of venture investment – and the Facebook user will have a much richer… Continue Reading