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“….this huge run up in the wages has destroyed the ROI I referred to earlier. So today we decided to consolidate all of our engineering and research efforts back to our HQ in California. We are relocating many of our key folks back to the US, but there are some that we are not bringing back. ”
–Munjal Shah, Riya co-founder, writing on Recognizing Deven about the decision to shutter most of Riya’s Bangalore office as tech salaries in India have skyrocketed and cost-savings for off-shore development are starting to evaporate.
(Susan sez: It’s fascinating to see how Indian tech economics have changed in the last few years as companies have rushed to set up development groups there…the world economic market has boomed, for sure, but the knowledge economy seems to level out costs more than anyone expected–and that’s a good thing.)

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