• In Peru..and technology amazes me

    I am in Ollyantyambo, a small town a few hours outside of Cusco, Peru. When I get to a better connection, I will post some pictures; meanwhie, I just want to describe how my mind´s being blown. Imagine this–We´re staying in a guest house miles from anything, where people hoe potatoes and drive mini bikes… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    “Here are a few of the tech/startup things in the bay area I can think of that I would like to do: Attend sf.rb meetings and meet all the SF rubyists Go to a TechCrunch BBQ Attend a blogger dinner with Dave Winer Meet Kevin Burton of Tailrank (just because I think what he’s doing… Continue Reading

  • Yahoo! is hiring Duncan Watts

    World of wow! Just read on CNET that Yahoo! has hired Duncan Watts to head up/be part of the research group focusing on social media, community and connections. This is GREAT!! (Remember The Small World Project? I played…and learned from the research.) CNET says: “Duncan Watts, professor of sociology at Columbia University, where he was… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day 2

    “They don’t say it as an absolute. But they’d prefer to meet someone, if they’re an actress, who’s not an actor. If they’re hiring me, it’s to expand their possibilities.” — Samantha Daniels, NYC matchmaker and former lawyer, quoted in a typically breathless NY Times story on how Hollywoods celebs are turning to non-LA matchmakers… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the day

    “Read/write widgets are the new black!” –Blogger and fellow microformat and widget geek Richard MacManus, describing the Flash-driven joys of the new 2-ways widgets, also known as badges, created and distributed by RateItAll, which are similar to the eBay to Go applets in that they allow users to embed and display transactional–and interactive, dynamic data–on… Continue Reading

  • Heading out this week…to Peru

    Usually when I go on vacation, I just keep blogging, but this time around, I’m not sure how much I’ll be posting over the next two weeks. You see, I am leaving the country–for Peru, as in trip to, and the plan is to do yoga, hike, hang out and disconnect from this beloved machine… Continue Reading

  • I love Aaron Swartz!

    A friend just sent me a copy of the Phillip Lessen chat with prodigy and wise man Aaron Swartz, who started doing cool things in tech early on. Aaron’s got the clear sight of a (much) older person, and his comments on sexism in tech made me snap to attention. Some snippets: If you talk… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day 2

    “If you’re writing about Boston sports, what’s more valuable to you, $25 or a press pass to the Red Sox? Or a backstage pass as a music writer to interview the band you’ve always wanted to interview? It’s something they can’t get but as a newspaper we could.” — BostonNow editor John Wilpers, editor of… Continue Reading