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Here are a few of the tech/startup things in the bay area I can think of that I would like to do:

  • Attend sf.rb meetings and meet all the SF rubyists
  • Go to a TechCrunch BBQ
  • Attend a blogger dinner with Dave Winer
  • Meet Kevin Burton of Tailrank (just because I think what he’s doing is cool)
  • Meet the Powerset crew (hopefully this won’t be a problem because of my affiliation with Google, but I’m curious what they’re up to!)

What other tech/startup things should I be doing? I’ve been reading about the SF startup scene with envy from either NYC, Denver, Seattle, or Orange County for years. “

–Student, New Yorker, and Ruby on Rails expert Paul Dix, anticipating his summer stint in the Bay area interning at the Googleplex.
Susan sez: I love how the Bay area is to tech innovators as Hollywood is to screenwriters–ground zero for the moth to flame nexus.

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  1. Paul Dix says:

    SF is ground zero! It’s like the nerd mecca.

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