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“Read/write widgets are the new black!”
–Blogger and fellow microformat and widget geek Richard MacManus, describing the Flash-driven joys of the new 2-ways widgets, also known as badges, created and distributed by RateItAll, which are similar to the eBay to Go applets in that they allow users to embed and display transactional–and interactive, dynamic data–on their blog, web page or whatever–and get updates–without ever leaving their own page.
Given that the whole premise of Web 2.0 is providing tools to users, embeddable widgets and microformats are what should come out of new APIs and smart uses of structured data companies arethinking about.
Susan sez: I just feel like it’s taking everyone too long to get there…If I ran the asylum I’d make sure my users could take tools and services with them and embed and distribute them elsewhere–isn’t that one of the key things platforms are supposed to power?

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