Riverdale Goddess goes dark: sex & relationship blogger outed/censored once more

One of my favorite sex and relationship blogs, The Riverdale Goddess, shut down yesterday.
This personal account of a 40-something long-married woman who allowed herself to adventure around sensual touch, erotic self-expression and all sorts of edgy stuff–while remaining faithful to hubby and bringing him along on the journey–seemed like a classic Baby Boomer tale of rediscovery–and “Kate’s” joy in her transformation was charming.
Nevertheless, as of yesterday, the blog went down, with the author explaining:
“Today I received a phone call – and was asked to participate in a conversation where I was basically told that if I wanted to keep my job -That the Riverdale Goddess Blog needed to be taken down. I was outted……out of fear…..I was shut down out of fear….and because I care very deeply about my day job….it is also my passion….and I have a family and I am not independently wealthy…..I have had to comply. I feel like a part of my heart was cut away today.”

It’s a reality of the blogosphere–where sometimes people use pseudonyms to share their truths–that sexually explicit bloggers–especially women–have to fear being outed, but it saddens me that this situation seems to happen again and again.
If the Kumbaya cry is Why can’t we all just get along? the question here would be What harm do personals stories cause–and why do others want to shut true voices down?

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  1. joseph kramer says:

    Thanks, Susan, for voicing was many of us feel. joseph

  2. Hiding Goddess says:

    Dear Susan –
    I want you to know how much your support has meant to Kate. She has read everything that you have written about her blog….she loved that you loved it….she deeply appreciated your support when she needed to shut it down for now….Heartfelt thanks….Kate is where she needs to be right now…surrounded by loving people who are holding space for her….
    Kate’s Friend

  3. making love says:

    i am agree too…. no one has right to shut the voice of others….
    but few blogs are still making there places the the field of making relationship and share knowledge to the next stage. http://www.lovemakinglove.blogspot.com

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