Technorati redesign: Nice work, fellas!

Technorati’s redesigned itself, and the work is …smooth.
Back in 2003, Technorati was one of the first of the blog search engines (I remember much discussion of the merits of searching XML feeds versus blog posts/HTML), but now, with Google Blog Search, Sphere and many others, it’s had to push to stay serviceable.
This new design and refreshed information architecture should go a long way toward bringing Technorati to new audiences and retaining long-time users. I like the tabbed structure that lets searchers check both for vanity links (a huge focus on blogosphere searches) and for blogs–and posts–on specific topics.
There’s also an efficient integration of video and events content and a wise move to a single search box, as Mike A points out.
On the other hand, as Steve Rubel points out, is checking blog links as relevant as it used to be?
The big thing now is integration–universal search–and specialized search engines are limited in that respect–and Technorati’s challenge will be to use these new, enhanced capabilities to build yet another set of new products and services that can go both broad and deep.

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  1. Lin says:

    I agree. I like the new design. Easier to follow and easier to find things.

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