Brad Feld: Facebook’s developer value?

Wow, this post by Brad Feld articulated some of the questions I’ve been asking. Brad says:
“As of today, Facebook is deriving massive benefit in all the application development that they’ve enabled. They’ve brilliantly created an open community that allows developers to quickly create applications that can rapidly acquire hundreds of thousands of users. This dramatically extends the functionality of Facebook by offloading the R&D and feature development to the apps developers. (How about all of them there adverbs – I sound like a press release.) However, as far as I can tell, none of these Facebook apps developers are deriving any real benefits (if you are a Facebook apps developer and ARE deriving a tangible benefit, other than customer acquisition within the Facebook infrastructure, please weigh in.) ”
There you have it in a nutshell, folks–if you’re a small start-up or a hack and you can cover your hosting costs and/or want to register people and acquire names, then I get the value–Or if you’re a CPC player bringing listings into their ecosystem–Or if you *just* want branding–but if you’re looking for ad revenue, paid content revenue, or anything else–well, it looks kinda tough.
Bonus quote/comment from Andrew Weissman on Brad’s blog: “F8 reminds me so much of late 90s AOL.”
Update: Weird synergy question: What if Andrew Weissman and quote of the day guy Adam Weissman are related? Egads!

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  1. Michael Fagan says:

    what if you’re trying to provide a service, somewhat altruistically, and you need user density to support that?

  2. Andrew Weissman says:

    Unrelated Weissmans, we are. Adam clearly gives better quotes, however.

  3. Dedicated says:

    I agree with Michael.

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