My magazine/media habits: shift report

About four years ago, I stopped reading printed newspapers, and switched to news–and the NY Times–online.
Two years ago, I swapped out reading blogs for much of the literary fiction I used to adore.
In the past year, I notice that I’ve lost interest in the weekly magazines– Time and Entertainment Weekly that are coming to the house as part of a left-over airline miles offer.
They come in and I look at them as more annoying paper to deal with–nothing relevant.
What interests me about this behavior is that I am still a huge fan of monthly magazines–the womens/shelter/travel magazines that I get– Country Living, Oprah, Domino, Lucky, Sunset, Food & Wine, Blueprint–are tremendous fun and I enjoy browsing through them and savoring the photos, travel ideas, and things I like but will never buy.
So where’s the paradigm shift? Information versus entertainment.
I’ve pretty much stopped looking to print as a topical information resource; for news and quick data hits, I go online to read and research, so the record reviews, movie listings and interviews in EW and the news stories in Time have a much lesser value.
The shelter mags I read, however, are pure entertainment–the West Coast travel stories in Sunset and the painted, do-it yourself rooms with quilts in Blueprint are photo-based fun, with a substance on paper that pixels don’t equal.
Of course, the reality is that reading blogs trumps just about everything for me–whether it’s news, fashion, tech or gossip, blogs are the favored channel, along with videos, social media network notes, and photos and event listings.