Quote of the Day

“…Upcoming, Facebook, Myspace (less so but still!), Dopplr (travel YASN), Linked In, plus every wiki I’m in for different events and groups, as well as all my Google and Yahoo groups, plus groups at Magnify, Vodpod and Flickr, maillists that have grown much more around social interaction than they were in the past where they appeared more as information I could take or leave. There are the games and mobile groups I’m in, Twitter, and I’m sure there’s more but I just can think of it all. In other words, the social interaction and information overload has become high pressure.
…I’m looking for some filter to go through and just grab what I need and not have to know about or read or watch the rest, or reply to it, unless I want to and it fits in with an event or need or desire.”
–Dabble founder Mary Hodder, posting about how her data and connections on YASNs have ballooned out of control.