Quote of the Day

“Not only Digg, but virtually all Web 2.0 applications which are based on the wisdom of crowds can be reconceived as Facebook apps based on the wisdom (or trust) of friends.
To the extent that these services cater to publishers who seek a mass audience, such as YouTube or Flickr, the social graph will not threaten their business. But to the extent they publish content intended for friends, or if the value of their service increases with the participation of friends, these applications face only two choices: get each user to recreate his or her friendship network on their own site or migrate their service to the Facebook platform lest someone else does it first.
The potential for Facebook to layer on any feature whose value increases with the participation of friends is an incredibly broad canvas for a portal. ”
–Genealogy application Geni founder David Sacks, writing on TechCrunch about how our friend and professional networks will increasingly become the vehicle for distributing information, data and services, rendering portals even more obsolete and giving social media ecosystems like FaceBook and MySpace a huge, influential advantage.
(Susan sez: This is a GREAT post–read it!)