Quote (s) of the Day

“Even though we were seeing eye-to-eye on what needed to be done, after the press tour and some initial conversation about where we needed to go, Rich told me that he wasn’t having as much fun right now, and looking at what we needed to do, didn’t see much opportunity for what he really loves to do — architect from the metal on up and put out the 1.0 that is so far ahead of everything else – the first computer virus, one of the first MUD’s, NewHoo/dmoz, Topix – that even his no good co-founders couldn’t screw things up.”
“Strap in, it’s going to be fun.”
–New topix CEO Chris Tolles, explaining co-founder and now ex-CEO Rich Skrenta’s decision to move up to the board and put Chris in charge.
(Susan sez: Full disclosure is I am friends with these guys from waay back, so this is a totally biased post.)