Yahoo: Meme of the Moment

Techmeme’s ablaze with posts about the changes at the top at Yahoo, but the parallel take-away in the office yesterday was how hard everyone is trying to stay focused on their work and not let sesmic plate shifts at the top distract from what needs to get done.
So much of Yahoo is about building things for customers, services, applications, platforms, tools, experiences–and leveraging between them (which the company is working hard to to do etter).
I’d like to think that bringing Sue into an even stronger leadership spot and joining her with long-time leader Jerry is a way to make the company’s operating groups smaller and more aligned, to cut down issues of scale across a big organization , and to create the means to not only have a viable strategy but to focus and get it done way quicker.
Let’s see if this new team can make things go faster and better at Yahoo, and get some of the speed bumps out of the way.

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  1. George Nimeh says:

    Hiya Suz,
    Are you suggesting that Semel was a speed bump?

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