• Noted

    Editor & Publisher: AP ending ASAP,a youth-oriented syndication package launched in 2005, in October. The cause? “A number of marketplace changes that were happening with the U.S. newspaper industry.” (Susan sez: Is that corporate speak for we’re screwed?) Kingsley Idehen: The way to inject Facebook data into the semantic web (ie RSS feeds and more).… Continue Reading

  • Blogher07: Sunday morning take-aways

    Elizabeth Edwards is one of the most authentic people I have ever met. The way she interacted with the audience at the keynote and her subsequent interactions and presence at the cocktail party and right down to how she spoke with people outside the event on her way out demonstrated a depth of sincerity, an… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    “You spend so much time checking off what you’ll do that you never do anything. Why waste your time talking about movies you’re going to watch when you haven’t even seen the classics, the 20 you have in your Netflix queue, and DVDs you’ve already BOUGHT?!? — Jason Calcanis, always frank, about his new declaration… Continue Reading

  • Foodbloggers diversion: Chef’s food tattoos

    Did you know that there are chefs–and foodies–with food-inspired tattoos? There’s a NY Times slide show here, and Matt Finarelli’s chroncile of his pig tattoo, and Alaina Browne’s post on chef tattoos. Lots of fun stuff here. (And here). Note: These tattoos were drawn by tattoo artist Dave Wallin at Tattoo Culture in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

  • River of posts: Blogher 07

    Tons of postings around the net from Blogher7, as evidenced here and here. Quote of the moment from Zoot:”You know what I love about BlogHer? It’s the phenomena of being surrounded by people WAAAAAY freakin’ smarter than me and what it does to my brain.” flickr pix: check out Havi’s photos, veesee’s pix, lisa’s photos,… Continue Reading

  • Blogher 07: Opening session quotes

    Listening to CEO Rashmi Sinha,She’s Such a Geek editor and tech journalist Annalee Newitz and renowned tech visionary Esther Dyson chat with Elisa C. Some snippets: Rashmi: “I go back to India and meet people who have met through blogs; it’s no longer elitist–it leaves me in awe.” Esther: “The internet is like sex, first… Continue Reading

  • Blogher: Big and exciting

    So it’s midnight in Chicago and I’m too wound up to go to sleep. The energy of spending most of the day with 700-odd BlogHer attendees, following by going out to dinner with my sister (who is also at the conference), has been too wound to sleep. I know that sometimes there’s a bit of… Continue Reading

  • Blogher: Off the record session 3PM Saturday

    We’re still getting email from people who would like to attend the Off the record: Sex & Relationships blogging meet up at Blogher. If you are a sex and or relationship blogger, if you are interested in discussing authentic voice and personal journeys and privacy and protecting your privacy this session is for you. We… Continue Reading