Blogher: The 10-second me

I’m flying out to Blogher on Thursday am, and am looking forward to connecting with old friends and–one of the great pleasures of BlogHer–meeting new people.

Please come and talk to me!
If you want some conversation starters, here are two:
1) I have a huge American bulldog named Winston who is so dumb he thinks my cat is bigger than he is; Winston’s favorite food is whole wheat toast.
2) I didn’t get in touch with my analytical and business side until about 12 years ago; when I left school, I was a publishing poet and writer–all the geek and business stuff came later–and I still write poetry.

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  1. Pamela Parker says:

    I’ll be there, Susan, and will definitely come and say hello. Not many conferences involved in my new line of work, but this is one I’ll be attending. See you there!

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