Getting RSS data out of Facebook– and into where?

Is Facebook a roach motel? Apps and data in, but not much coming out?
Kinda seems that way sometimes, dunnit?
Just came across Particls, a new service (with a really confusing start page) that basically works like pointcast did and delivers data to your desktop. The founders want to take an RSS feeds of your FB news stream and package it with other data you provide (like links and feeds you read/write) so that your so-called friends (or the voyeurs who hang on your every move) can see your status data, even if you’re not joined to them on FB, as part of a stream they ship out.
So, on one hand, this sounds cool. RSS next gen and all that, right?
But on the other hand, it sounds waay too stalkery and perhaps like the Aussie founders inhaled way too much Steve Gillmor and Seth Goldstein before they earnestly started pitching their product as a way not only to track attention–but to get it.
Dunno. Gonna check it out more.
But I am sure, that me at least, part of the appeal of the FB stream is the closed network quality…that’s probably one of the things I don’t want to export out.

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  1. Chris Saad says:

    Hi Susan – thanks for the mention.
    Just to clarify though.
    Simply think of Particls as a filtered feed reader or a sophisticated desktop widget.
    It keeps you informed about the stuff you care about while you work.
    The blog post you found about Facebook was simply stating that it would be nice to monitor your own Facebook News Feed via RSS+Particls.

  2. Peter Caputa says:

    u gotta be careful smokin that stuff. :)
    j/k. I got a kick out of the seth and steve line, though.

  3. Michael Clarke says:

    For pure, unadulterated stalkeryness, iStlalkr takes the biscuit, I think. I’ve been using Partcls for a few weeks and it actually works quite well in terms of throwing out serendipitous supplements to my regular feeds. And the only RSS I’ve found in Facebook is the status updates feed – which only seems to update about twice a day!
    (Did I really alliterate just then? Sorry.)

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