Jason Shellen’s leaving Google: Two thoughts

My friend Jason Shellen is moving on from Google, at last, and has an articulate post about it that’s live today.
Jason–who joined with the Blogger acquisition in 2003–writes:
“Despite the fun I’ve had at Google and the weird looks I’m going to get from people for turning down the free Google food, massages, excellent benefits and the like – I feel I’ve got that entrepreneurial/start-up bug deep within me and I can’t help but think about the next thing. I’m going to take a little time off while I think about what is next (hopefully while surfing and riding my bike in Santa Cruz) but I’ve decided to leave Google.”
So, on one hand, this is super cool news–here’s someone smart and talented who did the small company, then the big company,and now is ready for his next adventure–and brave and successful enough to walk away from the big G.
On the other hand, Jason’s departure is exactly the reason I feature Google could become just another AOL–a place that does a great job of acquiring talent and a pretty weak job of keeping them in roles that don’t just spin them sideways over the years. In other words, did Jason feel he was getting things done at Google at the end, or using his best skills? And how many Jasons are there there? Endless hiring only works at the top of the funnel–retaining talent is critical as well.