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“You spend so much time checking off what you’ll do that you never do anything. Why waste your time talking about movies you’re going to watch when you haven’t even seen the classics, the 20 you have in your Netflix queue, and DVDs you’ve already BOUGHT?!?
Jason Calcanis, always frank, about his new declaration of Facebook bankruptcy.
Update: Tom Watson and Fred Wilson are part of the smart guy pile-on on Jason’s post.
Priceless Tom led: “Jason Calacanis reminds me of those television actors who suddenly find their lives as popular series regulars too confining, too empty, too common. You know, like when Henry Winkler found Fonzie to be limiting his artistic brilliance, and lit out for the big screen.”

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  1. Richard says:

    A commenter on Tom’s blog said that Jason’s post resonated with him. I was talking to another person a few hours ago, and we’re not new media or Web 2.0 people, but we both said that Jason’s post resonated with us. There’s a kind of overload that is becoming very enervating and perhaps destructive.

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