Quote of the Day

“It takes a lot of time to ramp a blog up. If you genuinely have an interest and passion about the topic it will show through and eventually it might become a revenue stream for you.”
-Old friend Richard MacManus, Read/Write Web, profiled in a NZ paper.
(Susan sez: I dig this story, because Richard, like many bloggers, started with a passion–innovative technology–and followed it into a great new career–and because he’s a lovely, smart guy.)

Update: Richard has more c ommentary on this on his own blog, including this one:
“So really, it took 3 whole years for Read/WriteWeb to go from ‘hobby’ to full-time job. The bottom line: blogging is a very difficult, and highly competitive, way to make a living. If I didn’t have a true passion for the topic of Web technology, I would not have been able to put in the ‘hard yards’ (I think that is a kiwi or rugby expression, meaning hard work). ”