“Facebook is my boytoy and LinkedIn is my fiance”

I thought about writing the led as ” Facebook is my mistress and LinkedIn is my wife,:” but the gender pronouns were all wrong.
Either way, I’ve been thinking about how FB and LinkedIn are such complementary opposites:

  • FB is the fun, social application where one reads news updates from friends sharing the virtual village
  • LinkedIn is the focused, serious application where I save email addresses and network around jobs and careers.

Just back from B logHer and with a stack of business cards of people I wanted to stay in touch with, I decided to actually link with them somewhere–and chose LinkedIn–though I did add a couple of people I already knew as friends on FB.

Following this logic, it would stand to reason my professional network on LI should be bigger than the FB one, and it is, but it’s also easier to find and add friends on FB. (Because there is no revenue attached to making introductions and communications as there is on LI, sending friend invites via the system is easier.)

(You may ask, Why didn’t I say I was married to either one of them in the little conceits of the lede? Well, the reason is they’re both social networks, and with the proliferation of YASNs out there, the appropriate response will always be Oh, we’re just dating.)

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  1. mark says:

    That should make ClutterMe, facebook’s pre-pubescent younger brother.

  2. Michael Clarke says:

    But LinkedIn is so worthy

  3. Steven Burda says:

    Great Article!
    – Steven Burda
    email: burda.mba[at]gmail.com

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