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‘Will global warming catch up with us? Is that irreparable? Will technological civilisation collapse? There seems to be some possibility of that over the next 30 or 40 years or will we do some Verner Vinge singularity trick and suddenly become capable of everything and everything will be cool and the geek rapture will arrive? That’s a possibility too.”
–Author William Gibson, author of the amazing Neuromancer(1984), in an interview about Spook Country, his new novel, the first in 10 years.
Bonus quote–Gibson on Neuromancer today: “Any imaginary future as soon as you get it down on screen starts to acquire an instant patina of quaintness – it’s just the nature of things.
If I were a smart 12-year-old picking up Neuromancer for the first time today I’d get about 20 pages in and I’d think ‘Ahhaa I’ve got it – what happened to all the cell phones?”

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  1. Michael Clarke says:

    After Pattern Recognition, I started getting very interested in Gibson again. Am actually quite excited about the new one. And you’ve got to love the honesty of the second quote.

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