Dept of social observations: Parties, blogs, FB and social media

At the wine and tapas party I was at last night at a friend’s house, the 40-something group had a great time talking, eating, drinking and taking photos of the merriment. What interested me was that everyone there agreed that being linked on Facebook had made a huge difference to how they kept up with and communicated with friends.
This morning, I see that two of the people at the party went home and posted pictures and comments either right to their FB account, or to their blog–which shows me, yet again, how social media tools not only support community-they deepen and foster it–even in people over 30.
On Friday, I was at another friend’s house, at another party (for me that’s an unusually social weekend..) and there was tons of videoblogging going on, but most of this crowd, I think, was closer-knit, so there was less of a sense of chronicling new connections and more of a sense of just enjoying the togetherness and letting videography be part of the fun.