• Read/Write Web adds writer/editor

    Congrats to my old friend Richard MacManus for adding a new writer to the group! Richard says ” Marshall Kirkpatrick is joining Read/WriteWeb as a Lead Writer, starting this Monday. Marshall teams up with Josh Catone in this role, meaning that Read/WriteWeb now has three daily writers (including myself). ”

  • (Somewhat political) Quote of the Day

    “The headline out of General Petraeus’s testimony was a prediction that the United States should be able to reduce its forces from 160,000 to 130,000 by next summer. That sounds like a big number, but it would bring American troops only to the level of troops that were in Iraq when Mr. Bush announced his… Continue Reading

  • Noted: YouTube

    RoshHashona/MySharona I Gotta Love You Rosh Hashona The Day of Judgement (Jewish hip hop) and my total favorite–the amazingly clever and funny chris crocker doing britney this is for you and–seen by 3.5 million people in a week or so– Leave Britney Alone!

  • Social Graph: Why it matters and how to get there

    Brad Fitzpatrick—livejournal creator– has a really articulate post on what FB coined as the social graph–the need/wish to see how you and your friends/community are connected around various nodes/behaviors/themes/interests and to have an easy way to access friend data across networks and services. This is a must-read for what is probably one set of the… Continue Reading