The blog is back..and what I did (and did not do) on my late summer vacation

1 am this morning and I was back online, checking techmeme and facebook and blogher and yahoo personals and all my email accounts.
7 am and I am writing my first blog post in 10 days.
This was the longest time I was truly off the net in years–I could check email on my treo, so I monitored my life from the cottage in the woods, but no surfing, no browsing, no posting, no reading big files, no attachments, etc.
What did I learn?
A) Going away and going truly off line in Michigan was more relaxing than hiking in Peru and checking internet felt much farther from my usual life and concerns, even if it was geographically closer.
B) Part of me is and always will be a writer, no matter how much of a tech geek I am. I used the time I normally use for blogging to write poems and short essays and was totally absorbed.
c) When I’m not always surfing blogs, I read books more: two old sci-fi novels by Lois McMasters Bujold, the first volume of Dorothy Drunnett’s Lymond Chronicles, a marvelous book of poems by Claudia Emerson called late wife, which won a Pulitzer Prize, and various magazines, poems by Neruda and so on.
d) It’s hard to think about tech, social media and Silicon Valley when you’re swimming, hunting for petosky stones, hiking, canoeing, rowing and eating black cherry ice cream in a little town in the Midwest.
e) It’s energizing to think about tech, social media, and the Valley when you get home, refreshed, which is how I feel right about now.

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  1. Richard says:

    Sounds like a wonderful time.

  2. Edward Vielmetti says:

    hey, I know that beach….
    I totally hear you how typing gets in the way of writing longhand, and how reading the net gets in the way of reading books.
    My experience with small towns in Michigan is the opposite of yours – that’s when I am super engaged in figuring out just what the landscape of the net is around that area, who the local point of contact is who can direct me to what’s really happening there. (but I grew up in Michigan and have lived here all my life so that’s an odd perspective)

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