• Quote of the Day

    “…The real issues do not lie in the individual users giving consent to the platforms they use to share (some of) their data with the outside world. The real issue is: If this data is about social relations – friends, colleagues, contacts etc. – everybody of their friends would have to agree to have the… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    “Let’s face it, we’re skunk drunk and it’s because of money. It’s almost like we all need to enter Betty Ford Clinic 2.0 together. This time, it’s not stock market money but private equity, M&A, VCs and to some degree the reckless abandonment of logic by some advertisers who are perpetuating what is sure to… Continue Reading

  • Two years into Techmeme: Noting some changes

    So Techmeme, Gabe Rivera’s addictive aggregator, launched roughly two years ago. Boy, things were different back then. As I remember it, Gabe was crashing at Arrington’s house, TechCrunch was a way to study start-ups and Edgeio took off,and Scoble, Winer, Kos and kottke were among the fellas who ruled the blogosphere. Ross Mayfield was a… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    “The big challenge for Facebook, as it has been for AOL, Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple and everybody else who ever ran a walled garden, is to make their “platform” something that sits on the Net and the Web, not something that substitutes for it.” —Doc Searls, stating the obvious quite eloquently in a post that explains… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    ‘…. Loic said that Mike told him that we used to be best friends. I couldn’t figure out what that meant, because our friendship was the business kind of friendship not the personal kind. What does it mean to be best friends in that way? And how does that relate to having a blog? It… Continue Reading

  • Noted

    CN Networks: San Diego fires links and stories. Doc Searls on the Live Web here. NYTimes: Good piece on Lee Miller, muse and war photog. Om Malik: A new way to view news.

  • She’s Geeky: Day 1

    For me, it’s been great. Liz Henry has been l iveblogging the sessions and also taking photos–I am going to post some of her photos and gratefully link back. More photos here and here and here— And another day–the unconference–tomorrow.