Are men from Mars, aka the story of the techmene leaderboard

I have been laughing for the past three days since the Techmeme Leaderboard launched. Why? Guys, gotta love em. Read the quotes below and guess the gender of the people who wrote them:
1. “On Techmeme, I am 59th. Only 3 behind Scoble whose OPML file was used to build the service if you buy into the lore. I feel pretty damn good about that too. I think I am the sixth blog on the list done entirely by one person (not sure about that). Dave Winer is the first in that category, and deservedly so.
2. “A pragmatic question for people who want to follow the TechMeme LeaderBoard — it’s clearly not practical to look at it as frequently as it could change, every 20 minutes. Permalink to this paragraph So what kind of tool do we need to tell us about change? Email notification? An RSS feed for each site? I’m interested in knowing what people think.”
3. “I should point out – not that I pay attention to such things, of course – that on the very first publicly released Leaderboard, which was published yesterday by Dave Winer on his venerable blog Scripting News, Rough Type ranked Number 34. (It’s also probably worth noting that Rough Type was actually Number 1 among “real blogs,” as defined by Robert Scoble, who wrote the book on blogging).”
Fellas, fellas, fellas! Sheesh.

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  1. Jackson West says:

    All this technology thrown at a problem a simple ruler could solve…

  2. Dave Winer says:

    Susan if I wanted to be sexist, I’d ask my readers to guess the gender of the person who created *your* post.
    Reminds me of a joke.
    If a man says something in a forest, and there are no women present, is he still wrong? :-)

  3. Marianne Richmond says:

    I never knew that was a joke. :).

  4. Seth Finkelstein says:

    Yeah, it’s status display.
    That is not exactly gender-specific, even if certain particular *instances* lean more towards one gender than the other.

  5. Arthur says:

    I think this leaderboard will solve all problems in the world…

  6. Mary Trigiani says:

    At least they’re not measuring body parts. If you know what I mean.

  7. Michael says:

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