• NYTimes: Use my photo? Not without permission: story about f lickr, photo-sharing and digital rights. As in you need permission to repost, dudes.
  • Howard Owens: 12 things journalists can do to save journalism. Susan sez: Are there many journalists left? (Okay, I didn’t mean that.)
  • Kara Swisher: Yahoo’s big Friday meeting gets an A. K sez: “To my mind, that means cutting deadwood and allowing employees to feel empowered. It means saying yes a lot more than no. It means making some big, bold and maybe even dumb moves in the areas targeted to shake a few trees. It means laser-focus on the promises made.”
  • TechCrunch: Mike’s got the scoop on TechMeme’s new Leaderboard of blogs:”…To be exact, top blogs will be ranked on presence – “the percentage of headline space a source occupies over the 30-day period.” (Congrats, Gabe.)
  • Scripting News: Winer’s post of the TechMeme 100. Not that guys are into size or anything.