• Quote of the Day

    “Even though much of my brainpower is currently yoked to parts of our project that are not yet fit to blog, I know there are things that we should be talking about. Perhaps the most important is this one: As journalism becomes a high-tech profession, one essential skill will be learning how to be an… Continue Reading

  • She’s Geeky starts Monday

    She’s Geeky, a conference for women who self-identify as geeky, is happening this coming Monday and Tuesday, October 22-23rd at the Computer History Museum in Santa Clara. There are going to be some great talks on Monday afternoon, including one on privacy and technology and sexual issues by Violet Blue, and another by me and… Continue Reading

  • Wednesday noted: Obama Girl and Barely Political

    Barely Political is rocking the house (and just got acquired): See Obama Girl: I have a crush on Obama and the amazing I like a boy,which manages to support soldiers who fight in a war nobody wants. (Yes, I just crawled out from under a rock –but I am in awe of Leah Kau ffman.)

  • Noted

    Valleywag: Rumors on the AOL Layoffs–4,000 to go? NY Times: Paper Tiger: The joys of shredding. Polyvore.com: Put together clothing outfits on FB and share with friends–the fashionista’s FB app.

  • Quote of the Day

    “If Facebook’s technology is everything its engineers promise — and granted, that’s a rarity, but supposing it is — then Facebook needs to escape the Microsoft trap and start selling its own ads, beyond just the sponsorships its small sales team focuses on, as soon as possible. That technology, and the data it generates, could… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    “ A social networking tool becomes a publicity tool when “I speak, you speak, I reply, you reply” becomes “I speak, you listen”.” –Allan Stern, writing on how the powerful communication and viral distribution tools of Facebook, twitter and other SNs can be used for PR and promotion,.

  • Noted (and worth a read)

    Face Reviews: How do users spend time on Facebook? *(“Interaction with Facebook Profiles, Photos and Applications are the 3 most common activities….It is important to note that facebook photos is the the biggest photo sharing site on the internet.”) Read/Write Web: The Structured Web, A Primer. (“Among the evolving aspects of the new web are… Continue Reading