Quote of the Day

“…The real issues do not lie in the individual users giving consent to the platforms they use to share (some of) their data with the outside world. The real issue is: If this data is about social relations – friends, colleagues, contacts etc. – everybody of their friends would have to agree to have the information shared, as it is also about them.
This is basically what the idea of privacy as “contextual integrity” is about. Professional networks are built at LinkedIn or Xing, party and music related networking happens at MySpace, and students connect to each other at StudiVZ. While most of the information in these platforms may not be secret or sensitive, there is a reason people do different things on different platforms. I mean, when I go out for a beer with my friends, I also dress in a different way from a professional conference. Nothing is secret about this, but we play different roles in different contexts, and the kind of relations we build or the ways we express ourselves are different
ralf bendrath, writing about The Social Graph and Google’s OpenSocial announcement in a terrific post that both highlights comments on Google OS from other bloggers and advances thought around aggregating and distributing identity-related user-generated content and person data.