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“According to research firm Compete, it ( The Huffington Post) has an audience almost as large as the online version of the Philadelphia Inquirer. As a part of a larger newspaper organization like The New York Times (NYT) or Washington Post (WPO), that audience could probably be much bigger. NYT and WPO need a Huffington or two. Their internet revenues are under 10% of their total and not growing fast enough to keep up with falling print sales. Huffington has raised $10 million in VC money. What is it worth? $100 million. Maybe more. Worth it for The Times or The Post.”
24/7 Wall Street blogger Douglas A. McIntyre, writing about potential media acquisitions by, uh, big media companies.
Susan sez: This post caught my attention because
a. It demonstrates the belief large ad-driven properties with fairly broad audiences are effective advertising vehicles
b. It demonstrates the recognition that big companies have huge trouble investing and and building new media products that scale and, even in media, buy not build appears easier.
c. It’s just as true for any successful niche product as for TechCrunch or HP–if it’s true.
So whaddya think? Is this a QTD you’d agree with?

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  1. Tish Grier says:

    Susan…have to agree w/ you re the buy vs. build scenario…and that big media has trouble with the build. Some of this could be that there are few innovators within these orgs.
    It could also be that sites like TechCrunch have established communities–and newspapers have had a devil of a time with communities!
    Case in point: recently, I read piece in the Hartford Courant bemoaning the “incivility” of posters to their forums. Yet their forums are hosted on Topix.net rather than on their own site. An odd move, I thought. And they wondered why the comments were incivil (There are a number of factors, I think, contributing to the incvility…Will be writing a full post on my blog in a bit.)

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