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“A well-tended e-mail inbox and outbox can serve as a sort of diary, an evolving record of your curiosities, obsessions, introspections, apologies, and heart-to-hearts. Instant messages, on the other hand, are like Post-it notes, handy for a few minutes but hardly worth saving. While IMs and text messages have a throwaway quality, e-mail is for the sentimental. I still have some of the first flirtatious e-mails I exchanged with my wife in college. I have thoughtful monologues from friends in the midst of crises. I have e-mails from my parents that I envision showing to my children someday.”
–Chad Lorenz, The death of email, writing in Slate.
Susan sez: Another velocity of change snippet–in the cycle of continuous revolution that technology serves email is to SMS as paper was to email, oh, 12 years ago–the air we breathe, the familiar medium we take for granted (and need to reinvent, regardless).
(Tom Evslin has a related post.)

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  1. lili-g says:

    I’m actually scared to go through my gmail archives and get that sick, ‘what was I thinking!’ feeling.

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