Quote of the Day

“We who rule content must start making decisions, the ones that deliver journalism for another generation of readers and viewers.
I’ve been inside many major news organizations the last couple years, and, invariably, I hear the same refrain. We know what to do, but we can’t get it done. Or, sadly, we’re in worse shape than we were two years ago because we’re spending even more proportionately trying to keep the old model functioning. ”
–A ssociate Press Prez Tom Curley in his lastest rally the troops speech about news organizations taking back control–and users–from other digital services.
Susan sez: This fine speech sounds kinda well-worn to me. After all, isn’t every big company struggling with how to move away from keeping their old model functioning and into embracing–and serving–how their users are changing–and find ways to make money that support those changes?
Come on, Tom, you can do better than this one–how about you rethink your distribution partnerships AND your content generation–and maybe–buy Pluck?