Quote of the Day

“…who exactly am I supposed to be impersonating? Has it ever occurred to you, “Aubrey from Facebook,” that whoever I am supposed to be impersonating could actually be impersonating me? In fact, a search for the name ” Jon Swift” reveals 99 profiles, many of which seem no more “real” than mine. Why out of all those Jon Swifts was I singled out? And, by the way, searching for for film director ” Alan Smithee” yields 85 profiles and ” Jesus Christ” turns up more than 500. At least I can be assured that all of those have been vetted by Facebook’s crack investigators and are certified as being “real.”
–Blogger Jon Swift, on a high articulate rant again “Audrey from Facebook” deleting his account because she felt he was not *real* and the current FB policy of requiring what appears to be only given name accounts.