The intense velocity of the virtual

Social networks and search tools are shifting my experiences in increasingly radical ways.
A year ago, I became best friends with someone I’d known mostly online, who lives in New York (I live in California); our connections through blogging, email, phone, flickr, twitter gave us real time linkages and asynchronous connections helped us developed a closeness and sense of connection amazingly real and solid, given the distance.
In the past week, I’ve had another new experience–being contacted by someone who was from out of my distant past. The first contact was from Nancy, who was my best friend when I was small–she found a post about my parents during a search and reached out.
Then, tonight, someone I knew when I was 15, and then again at 19 or so, found me on Facebook. Amazingly, while I don’t much remember Lila that clearly, we seem to have quite a bit in common right now, including a couple of fairly unusual convergences, and a flurry of emails, photo exchanges and notes has ensued.
Yep, we spent a chunk of the night exchanging increasingly detailed emails; in what has to be dubbed cyber-discovery; I’m now hoping we can meet in real life–many years after my 19 year old self knew her 14 year old self–and share amazement at how small the world is and how the virtual universe brings people together again and again.

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  1. Tess says:

    I love the unexpected places blogging takes you. It’s a whole new level of excitement to make such close, intimate new relationships and to rediscover those lost long ago.

  2. Lisa says:

    Much the same happened to me – a friend from the late 80s and I have found each other on facebook and spent days re-discovering our networks, friends and news. What is astonishing is that you are always amazed that other people’s kids have grown up at the same rate as yours!

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