• Weekendia

    Saturday morning, hanging out and chilling, dozens of books on the coffee table: Jack Gilbert’s Refusing Heaven (thanks, Amy), The Last Chinese Chef(thanks, Viv), Simply Irresistible (thanks, Rad), and about 10 more; Sister Rosetta Tharpe singing on the sound system, eggs, chicken sausage, potatoes, fruit, toast just consumed. Hiking and shopping later, along with publishing… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    “The premise of citizen journalism is that regular people can now collect information and pictures with video cameras and cellphones, and distribute words and images over the Internet. Advocates argue that the acts of collecting and distributing makes these people “journalists.” This is like saying someone who carries a scalpel is a “citizen surgeon” or… Continue Reading

  • What will the social network OS be?

    So Facebook is now going to license its APIs for use on other services–ie, they’re willing to distribute a social network OS (SNOS?). And Google has Open Social. But where are the open standards? Pointers, please!

  • Hmmn…

    A first: three simultaneous links to my blog posts on this edition of techmeme. Geeze, I am now feeling heard.

  • Greatest hits: QOTD

    “…to me the heart of Web 2.0 is the user. The enduring lesson of all of the social media and emerging technologies is that we’ve created an a la carte, do it yourself platform where users can engage with sophisticated forms of search, feeds, metadata and APIs, social networks and identity, and commerce and fill… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    “…as reputation becomes portable and discoverable, who you choose to be your identity provider will matter…. (snip) …Data portability in and of itself is simply not interesting; keeping track of stuff in one place is hard enough as it is, let alone trying to pass it between services or manage it all ourselves, on our… Continue Reading

  • Penthouse acquires the Friendfinder sites

    The NY Times reports that P enthouse has indeed acquired the Friendfinder sites, as in alt.com, AdultFriendfinder, and lots of others made with the same template. The Times also calls them social networks–which made me laugh, because they’re pretty much hook-up sites, which you could consider to be a pretty specific kind of social network… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    “After debating this for the past few weeks, I’ve decided to make my entire flickr stream private. My images are being stolen and used in ways that I am not comfortable with on an almost weekly basis, sometimes several times in a week. I have blogged about it, talked about it here on my stream,… Continue Reading

  • Noted

    Ralph Meijer: Federated Social Networks aka “citizen centric web services”–distributed, portable, open-what is next, beyond RSS. (Via Chris Messina‘s tweet) NY Times: Ask goes private Rich Skrenta: PageRank wrecked the web. “Two years later and rel=nofollow is still bugging folks.”