Penthouse acquires the Friendfinder sites

The NY Times reports that P enthouse has indeed acquired the Friendfinder sites, as in, AdultFriendfinder, and lots of others made with the same template. The Times also calls them social networks–which made me laugh, because they’re pretty much hook-up sites, which you could consider to be a pretty specific kind of social network (F*Bs?), but. geeze, I’ve never heard that excuse before.
Quoted price is $500MM; more comments here.
Susan sez: If you’re not put off by the category, this is a GREAT investment; sex fuels the net, even if it’s in a shadow world that isn’t easily reported. However, if PH really thinks they are buying social networks I am scared for them–and I have to believe the NYTimes reporter is too smart to fall for that unless they said it. Hmmn…no, I am not going to go there!
Seriously, this could be a great chance to grow the business-or not, depending on if they find the right people to hit it hard for them.

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  1. tish grier says:

    Hi Susan!
    Well, the Friendfinder sites were using stuff like joining friend’s networks and such way before Facebook or MySpace, as well as having blogs, stories, etc. I’d say that those networks were doing it (the social networking thing, that is) well before the young brite boys knew. Who knows? Maybe that’s where Mark Zuckerberg *actually* got some of his ideas ;-)
    I’ll be writing more on this on my blog later. And you’re right–if you’re not put off by investing in ‘adult’ enterprises, this is a good one.

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