Melissa Gira: In the process of becoming

I’ve been reading Melissa’s various blogs since I met her at BlogHer in 2005, but this post in the latest (and my elegantly designed blog) stands out for the kind of hazy, evocative writing she’s dedicated to creating, writing that feels like an afternoon in one of those lost world Asian city Marlene Dietrich movies, where both the fans and Sidney Greenstreet creak with the memory of a lady’s lost virtue:
“The hazard of all this writing-in-the-moment, right? You live for a story, but if you write about your life, how do you not write about the story of your life? How are you not that observer, wondering how this will “play” later? You think I have a hard-on for the web because of some greater virtue? Fuck no, it’s the story: it’s that my story is there now, and I didn’t even have to do much but show up. Scores of photos, other people’s blogs, videos and videos I don’t even know about, and people, people who may wish they were never there with me, but there it is, there it’s been told, there we’re all told it, and even when all parties haven’t been recorded, the absence is just as telling.”
The way use social media tools to tell their own stories and create community is endless fascinating to me. I told my friend BJ, who’s just started using Facebook and blogging to think of it as a reality show, all about her, and the same thing is true for the artful Melissa, who’s conscious of voice, vision, affect at every step of the way.

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  1. doppjuice says:

    “the absence is just as telling”
    Melissa Gira is brilliant. I’ve been grappling with the same issues. I think we all are.
    Which post is this from?

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