• Quote of the Day

    “Anyone who has been following my work for a while knows that I heart LiveJournal with a passion. I’ve been on LJ in one form or another since 1999/2000 and it’s still the only community that I check in with daily for personal purposes. While I love LJ personally, I also deeply respect its history… Continue Reading

  • We Media: The threads of WeMedia

    Middle of day two, WeMedia, Miami. Some observations: This is a conference that wants to be about media, technology, convergence and social justice. There’s a broad diversity of types of people, industries, ages. At moments it is rich and amazing, at other moments, it doesn’t gell. Some of what is working really well for me:… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    “Too many journalists don’t respect technology development as a creative activity — they think developers should just build stuff they want. Too many technologists don’t respect journalism as an intellectual activity — they think journalists just pump out content for their algorithms to process. Too many journalists really don’t like technology change; they blame it… Continue Reading

  • WeMedia: Social Entrepreneurs | Journalism as a Cause

    Liveblogging from WeMedia: Alberto Ibarguen, President, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, Diana Wells, President, Ashoka, and Keith Hammond, Ashoka, are talking about the profound social impact of journalism. Alberto talking about reaching out to community foundations to help them understand how information is an essential community need–you can’t run a democracy without… Continue Reading

  • Understanding the value (and secret) of Etsy

    There’s some chatter about Etsy as a potential successor to eBay–Umair says “Etsy has the potential to be as revolutionary as Google in terms of DNA, and that new DNA might just let it solve a Very Big Problem” but coyly doesn’t get into his big insight. Read/Write web then says “The reason it is… Continue Reading

  • WeMedia: Search World | Trust, relevance and rights

    AP’s Jim Kennedy, VP Strategy, The Associated Press with Fabrice Florin, NewsTrust, Mary Hodder, Dabble and Josh Cohen, Google News talking about search relevancy, metadata and what needs to be done to move search, news aggregation, filtering, forward. Question: What about the metadata people and machines need to apply in search? Mary: The tagging (organizer)… Continue Reading