Adventures in Product Development: Ode to the product team

In a time of uncertainty, there’s always the comfort of the work we’ve committed to, the deliverables we are driving toward, the value we’ve promised to create.
Even if the elephant in the room and the other elephant in the room are neccessary to acknowledge with the team, there’s the consistent, steadfastedly linear focus of the business and everything there is to do.
Is it surprising that for most of us, that way lies salvation?
And that the satisfaction of how well we work together, and how neatly we solve problems keeps everyone going even as uncertainties loom?
If this was a poem and not a blog post, it would be a hymn to the product team, their skills and focus, passion and power, but since it’s a blog post and not a poem, the optimal truths are that we analyze, we plan and then we ship, and once that’s all done, heck, we do it all over again, over and over and over.