Arrington: Not quote of the day, but I liked this one…

The very New York Lloyd Grove interviews what he clearly perceives as the very Silicon Valley Mike Arrington (can you say pirate marauder, Lloyd?) in the tony Conde Nast Portfolio, and this little snippet happens.
Lloyd says (referring to the Valley): It’s a pretty savage Darwinian environment out there, isn’t it?
And Mike responds: Absolutely, except we live in a world where you’re not being eaten by a lion when you fail, you just have to go get another job.
Susan sez: The image of Stanford engineers and MBAs, and those folks like me from other parts who come to join their party as savage just cracks me up–seems like only someone who has made their living within the dying confines of big media and magazine land, where the dinosaurs thrash their tails as they fall and can’t can’t get up, would see Silicon Valley as Darwinian (snort of laughter).