Coworking makes the NY Times

Article this am about Brad Neuberg–a genius programmer and a wonderful guy-and other folks in the Bay area who’ve developed shared, open spaces got getting things done. Tara Hunt and Chris Messina are also in there , and Thor Muller, too.
The article rightly points out that co-working is influenced by the shared spaces artists and writersave long created and used; what is nice about the piece is that the sense of community and the generousity of these folks also comes through.
Another point that could have been raised, but wasn’t, is that these concepts may also owe something to the strong influence of Burning Man and the gift economy there, as well as the community/tribal nature. However you analyze it, it’s cool.
Oh, and one more thing–Chris and Tara and some of the other folks in this article are also also involved in barcamps–another somewhat self-organizing form of community action.

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  1. Brad Neuberg says:

    Hi Susan; there has definently been an influence from some of the places and things I’ve been involved in: Esalen, Burning Man, the intentional communities movement, alternative work structures, and open source.
    Wanna grab lunch at Google some time? It would be fun to catch up.

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