Just got laid off at Yahoo

Well, the law of continuous revolution just gave me a good shove.
Today is my last day at Yahoo and the start of something new.
What? No idea, yet.
I’m definitely interested in hearing about both short term and longer term consulting opportunities, as well as real gigs–advice, support and the chance to do interesting things all welcomed.
Next adventure, coming up.

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  1. vanderwal says:

    I am deeply sorry to hear of your news. I offer a virtual shoulder and whatever help I can provide.

  2. Sarah Dopp says:

    Do they realize they just set loose a tiger?
    This is a massive transition and I’m sending you all the hugs in the world for strength and support.
    You are about to do incredible things. I have absolutely no doubt about this.

  3. Jackson West says:

    At least you won’t have to report to Steve Balmer any time soon. Good luck going forward!

  4. Ruby says:

    Wow, that seemed fast! Yahoo’s loss is the rest of the world’s gain. I’m sure you will kick ass and have fun at whatever you do next. Best of luck!

  5. Mukund Mohan says:

    Can you please drop me a note?I have a friend who can greatly benefit from your experience and if turns into a gig either full time or part time that would be great.

  6. xian says:

    Susan, you were the first person to encourage me to come to Yahoo! I’m sorry we didn’t get the chance to work together directly. :(

  7. John says:

    Followed podcastmama tweet due to Yahoo ref. and saw OpenID. You involved with OpenID? If so, I’d like to simply be connected. jhaggard1@leapmail.net

  8. DebSchultz says:

    Sad today – but ROCK N ROLL tomorrow! the world is your oyster – think of all the kickass things you are going to do!!
    [after we get drunk!!!]

  9. michael arrington says:

    Hang in there Susan. You’ll have ten dozen companies coming after you.

  10. Koan says:

    Susan, you rock in ways that don’t even have a name yet, so I’ve every confidence that you won’t be at a loose end for long… best of British luck! :)

  11. Joe Lazarus says:

    Their loss. As a free agent, you’ll have a ton of people beating down your door to work with you. Let me know if I can help with the transition.

  12. Sameer says:

    You’ll land on both feet – hang in there.

  13. arse poetica says:

    Susan, best of luck w/ your next adventure(s). I know lots of friends and admirers look forward to your many successes to come. All the best.

  14. Lisa Williams says:

    Oh, s**t!
    I hereby declare Yahoo! as dumb as a rock. The brains have left the building. If they don’t recognize your value, they really are terminally stupid.
    I agree with all the commenters upthread who predict that you’ll be out of work for about, oh, five seconds.

  15. John Powers says:

    Getting laid off is such a blow. It takes a certain amount of courage and confidence just to get on, but feeling it isn’t it something you can just wish upon yourself. I’m all for a period of time to regroup; contra the get back on the horse and ride philosophy.
    Note the strengths you see in your friends and those who love you. That list is a good clue about your own talents.
    You really know what’s going on, so I agree with others you’ll not be long before job offers come along. You’ve got a map of the pitfalls to avoid; certainly it’s good to chart those out. But the main thing I wish for you is that you have a spirit of adventure, that just around the corner you’ll discover something true and beautiful that you hadn’t know before.
    Let your creativity flow, don’t resit it. I hold you in high esteem.

  16. Michael Fagan says:

    fortunately I know you’ll be more than fine. happy career hunting

  17. judith says:

    Frustrating, but an exciting opportunity for new wonderful adventures for you. Can’t wait to see what you do next.

  18. Podcastmama says:

    I’m sorry to hear this. Whether you sensed this news was coming, or if it was a surprise, a layoff always is a terrible shock. It really, really sucks.
    I will be keeping you in my thoughts, and sending vibes for a smooth transition to Wonderful Job 2.0.

  19. William Grosso says:

    Hey Susan,
    Engage is hiring and I think it might be a great fit. Give me a call or drop me an email, and we’ll talk.

  20. Jeremy Zawodny says:

    This sucks. I’m seeing too many good people sending out farewell notes. :-(
    Susan, as others have said, I’m sure you’ll have no shortage of opportunities. Perhaps our paths will cross again before long.

  21. ayman says:

    sorry to hear susan – keep on rocking hard as you move forward to greater greatness!

  22. Richard says:

    Susan, I’ve known you for, um, like half my life (and I was born in the Truman administration!) and I know that you have always gone on to better, more interesting things and I know the best is yet to be!

  23. marnie webb says:

    Ah man so sorry to hear that! Here’s a toast to you and the future.

  24. Chris B says:

    Susan, looks like we’ll have to postpone our lunch once again! I look forward to catching up.

  25. Fergus Burns says:

    Hi Susan.
    As we say in Ireland – “a blessing in disguise”
    You’ll have lots of cool companies coming after you. [widgetmania expected]
    Best Regards

  26. Steve Silberberg says:

    Sorry to hear you are leaving Yahoo. Yahoo’s loss is the rest of our gains. Let’s catch up.

  27. Richard MacManus says:

    Sorry to hear about this Susan. But as most other people have commented, you’ll have people beating a path to your door for your expertise and skills in web / new media.
    best wishes,

  28. Keith Teare says:

    Come See Me if you can.
    654 High Street, #200, Palo Alto
    Around most of the week.

  29. Steve James says:

    No worries Susan, everyone knows you will land on your feet!

  30. Jackie Danicki says:

    Better things are on the horizon for you, Susan. Look after number one! Yahoo’s loss is your gain, no doubt.

  31. SJ says:

    Oh dear. Be brave!!!

  32. Steve Rubel says:

    My dear friend. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help. Be strong. – steve

  33. Well wisher says:

    I will remember you in my prayers, you wil be rocking more than ever.All of us are with you, do let us know once you have taken up ur new initiative
    As the saying goes when one door closes, there are lots of new doors that open.
    All the very best

  34. Chad Dickerson says:

    Susan, you totally rock and I was really sorry to hear this. I will miss working with you, but look forward to seeing amazing things from you with whatever you do next.

  35. chartreuse says:

    only know you by your blog. i think this might be my first comment (maybe i did before a few years ago).
    good luck. worse things have happened and you made it through those ok.
    i don’t think i can offer you a job but my friends and i drink in nyc all the time. whenever you want to meet us just holla.

  36. Robert Scoble says:

    Oh, that sucks, but better things are ahead! Will be watching for opportunities for you.

  37. rabble says:

    What is yahoo thinking!
    You’re great Susan and i’m sure you’ll find a thousand interesting things to do.
    Personals and Yahoo in general are worse off without you.
    you’ll be missed,

  38. Ben Metcalfe says:

    Wow, I’m shocked. Even if personals is downsizing, it’s a shame they didn’t have the foresight to re-house you elsewhere as you’ve got plenty to offer.
    No doubt you’ll move on to bigger and better things.
    Best of luck!

  39. Bill G. says:

    Sorry things didn’t work out, but you know…we ARE hiring. Come join the borg, get a raise, lower your cost of living and breathe some clean air. We won’t bite – I promise! You might find that we aren’t as bad as some folks make us out to be.
    – Bill G.

  40. David Evans says:

    Susan, we should talk. Plenty of consulting opportunities in the dating space if you’re interested.

  41. Greg says:

    Sorry to hear Susan. I’m sure you won’t have trouble finding something.

  42. John Furrier says:

    Doors open… take some time and you’ll be back. I know how passionate you were in your job. Take short break and you’ll be back on track.
    I’m happy to chat anytime. I had the same feeling when I was removed as CEO of my company that I founded. As I’ve been working on another startup for the past three months there are real great possibilities out there

  43. Kevin Marks says:

    Great to see you tonight, and I look forward to catching up with you again at future events together – lots of fun things to try out there.

  44. Chris Heuer says:

    we’re here for you, but you rawk it, so I am sure you will be just fine heading out into the great unknown to do something amazing – keep kicking it and taking names…

  45. Kristie Wells says:

    You know, that old cliche ‘when a door closes a window opens’ has been around a long time for a very good reason.
    Oh and the one about ‘easier to have martinis at lunch when you don’t have to report to work’ is a good one too.
    Seriously, with your spirit, your spunk, your overall passion for life, I have no doubt something very groovy will drop in your lap quickly.
    And just so you know, I am standing by, ready to buy that first round of martinis to celebrate your new lease on life. ;)

  46. Mary Hodder says:

    how ironic given our conversation 10 days ago. well.. i know you’ll do well because you are terrific at what you do.
    we should talk offline!

  47. dave mcclure says:

    hey susan –
    apologies didn’t realize when i ran into you earlier tonight… sorry to hear about it, altho i’m sure you’ll find plenty of fertile ground to consider.
    if i can be of help with any intros lemme know!
    – dave mcclure

  48. Roland Tanglao says:

    in the unlikely event I can be of assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact me!
    as everybody else has said, yahoo’s loss, the rest of the world’s gain!

  49. Tim says:

    Layoff suck. I’m so sorry. Good luck.

  50. marc says:

    Yahoo’s loss! You rock!

  51. Chris Brogan... says:

    Best of luck to you, Susan. If I can be helpful, let me know.

  52. michelle madhok says:

    Ugg AOL redux! Well at least now you’ll have time to post to your fab blog and tell me everything I should be reading! :-)

  53. Anand says:

    Sorry to hear about it Susan. Well, I would say consider this a blessing in disguise and start something of your own…
    You will always have people who too would want to join you in such ventures..like me!

  54. lizriz says:

    Hang in there!
    I’m excited to see what you do next.

  55. Elisa Camahort says:

    Sometimes it can be the best thing that ever happened to shoved into a new direction…I know it will be so for you!

  56. Tess says:

    Damn, that sucks.
    With your skills and energy I’m sure you’ll find something soon.
    And I know you’ll rock at whatever new adventure you come upon.

  57. Beth says:

    Sorry to hear about Yahoo’s less-than-intelligent move there. Hope you keep your spirits up and take time to look around — there are so many opportunities for someone as smart and connected as you are.

  58. Kim Wallace says:

    Sorry we never got a chance to work together. I, too, was let go yesterday in the ongoing blundering and mis-management of assets and opportunities, formerly known as Yahoo.
    Wishing you the best in your new adventures!

  59. Terry Finley says:

    I know how you feel. I had a runin
    with my boss, and today was my last day where I work. But LIFE goes on.

  60. David Perry says:

    Susan, sorry to hear about the layoff.
    My suggestions would be to insure your LinkedIn profile is up to date. Headhuntersye likslef can find you on ZoomInfo and to download a free copy of 3 chapters from Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters at http://www.gm4jh.com
    PS. Don’t take any time off for reflection or painting — just get back at the hunt.

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