Noted: Layoffs 3.0-from the other side

Adam Kazwell, a kick-ass up and comer who worked with me at Yahoo! Personals, just started a tumblr blog about his interest in getting into product management in the Valley. His new blog is about his job search post layoff and his transformation fron analyst/trendspotter to product manager.
He writes: “Before this becomes a blog about product management it will be about me trying to get a job in that field. In general I want to document what it takes to go from idea to reality…what some might call: product management.”
Adam is someone I think highly of, and mentored; I know if he keeps writing this, it will be a fascinating read, and a complement to my own layoffs 3.0 story.
(Translation: I wish him all the best, but kinda hope I have something to offer him before any of you snatch him up.)