WeMedia: Backchannel rant

So, I’m digging the twitter feeds about WeMedia, and the general mass of people, but I think I am tired of the traditional talking heads panel. There’s discussion here, but it feels way too slow compared to the frentic commenting by Dave Cohn and Amy Gahran happening in virtual space.

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  1. andreauseem says:

    okay — looking forward to your panel. and wondering how to incorporate the twitter discussion in the main discussion. any thoghts?

  2. susan mernit says:

    Yes–we are going to project the twitter stream on the screen behind the session.

  3. Amy Gahran says:

    That’s a great point, Susan. Talking head panels at a social/conversational media conference do seem a bit like overhead transparency projectors. Outmoded format.
    Great seeing you there!
    – Amy

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