Blogs: What they’re worth–or not

Douglas A. McIntyre at 24/7 Wall Street takes a run at valuing various popular blogs and explains his methodology for each one. The focus is on traffic and ad revenue.

Here’s the list, with some commentary from moi:

  • The Gawker Media: $150 million. 30 million monthly unique visitors.
  • MacRumors: $85 million. 544,000 visitors.
  • Huffington Post: $70 million. 4 million unique visitors per month.
  • PerezHilton: $48 million. 10.1 million uniques.
  • TechCrunch: $36 million. 3.2 million unique visitors and 14.6 million page views.
  • (tied): Ars Technica $15 million. Over 800,000 visitors.
  • (tied): Seeking Alpha $15 million. 400,000 visitors.
  • (tied): Drudge Report $10 million.1.1 million visitors.
  • (tied): Mashable $10 million. 5 million page views.
  • GigaOm: $8.4 million. 225,000 visitors.
  • Boing Boing: $8 million. 8.7 million page views.
  • Silicon Alley Insider: $5.4 million. 200,000 unique visitors.
  • ReadWriteWeb: $5 million. 300,000 visits but growing extremely fast.
  • $3.5 million. 134,000 unique visitors and growing quickly.
  • (tied) Search Engine Land: $2.7 million. 225,000 unique visitors.
  • (tied) Smashing Magazine: $2.7 million. 325,000 visitors.
  • DListed: $2 million. 350,000 visits.
  • Daily Blog Tips: $1.8 million. 20,000 visitors.
  • (tied) Techdirt: $1.5 million. 400,000 unique visitors.
  • (tied): Neatorama: $1.5 million. 300,000 visits and growing very fast.
  • (tied): BuddyTV $1 million is too much about television. 800,000 visitors.
  • (tied):The Superficial $1 million. 522,000 visits last month, but dropping sharply.
  • Talking Points Memo: $860,000. 233,000 visitors and rising fast.

Susan sez: I love the deep dive done on each property, but I have some problems accepting these valuations when I know how much trouble many blogs have in getting decent advertising revenues–and how much run of network gets sold for a dollar or less in CPM, and even less in CPC.
If a magazine site with 4 million targeted uniques often has trouble selling out more than 40-50% of its online inventory, what does that say about something like The Superficial or PerezHilton?
Tech vendors may snap up space on TechCrunch, but I don’t know that Neatorama, for example, is selling its inventory out, and if that’s the critical piece of the valuation, I have to say hmmmnnn, is this hype or what?

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  1. Rob Domanski says:

    I completely agree about the accuracy of the valuations. That said, are the top blogs currently over- or under-valued?

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