Diving back into citizen journalism, news & media 3.0 and platform tools

As I’m evolving this next stage of my career and work focus, I’m planning to spend some time re-engaging around local, hyperlocal, citizen journalism, participatory media and so on.
I am particularly interested in platforms and tools that support publishing and community for local news organizations, community groups and organizers, and in helping to develop business models and frameworks to accelerate the success of citizen journalism where it’s needed (which in my view is often in places where there is pent up demand for a more diverse set of media outlets, particular problems people need to organize to address(schools, crime, come to mind), and/or a smaller communities–geographic and self-defined–which can use online as a focusing and organizing device.
As part of moving more deeply into the conversation, I’m planning to participate in these two upcoming conference, and want to hear about more relevant meet-ups, projects, etc, happening, in particular, on the West Coast and in California.
Also interested in new and emerging platforms and products.
If you are attending either of these and want to meet up, let me know: