Miscellaneous linkages

Friends have things coming up they’ve asked me to mention–notably the identity workshops Kaliya is working on, Spot’s art show in NYC, and Steve Yelvington’s classifieds survey. Yes, it’s a ragtag bunch, but here are the the links–take what you like and leave the rest.
Identity and DataPortability.org

Internet Identity Workshop – May 12-14 in Mountain View California.
The Data Sharing Workshop , April 18 – 19 at the SFSU, Downtown Campus.
The Data Sharing Summit , May 15, at the Computer History Museum.

Electric Sheep and their Dreams in High Fidelity, an amazing art show by the Spot, tech geek turned artist (and still a geek).

Steve Yelvington: “I have a survey online and I’m
seeking folks either in classifieds or at media companies who make
strategy decisions involving classifieds and advertising to take it.
(Consultants, academics, etc. who have expertise in the classifieds
sector also are welcomed.)”
Dave Beach’s side project :1 2 seconds
Steven Johnson has announced that Outside.in is going to be using Fire Eagle for its new Radar functionality I