Paid Content: Congrats to Rafat and Stacy on hitting this latest stage of staffing and growth.(Looks like the server might be down.)
Om Malik: What I learned since my heart attack. (“I was reading a review of the Macbook Air over on Macworld when I realized that the machine and post-recovery me have a lot in common.”)
Wired: Detailed and absorbing piece on futurist Ray Kurzweil and the singularity (and his medical regime). “Kurzweil predicts that by the early 2030s, most of our fallible internal organs will have been replaced by tiny robots.”
Doublebassist Jason Heath has a cool post about using friend feed and twitter. (Via someone whose link I lost, sorry)
David Cohn: On Ryan Kuder’s Ning network for Willow Glen.

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  1. Jason Heath says:

    Thanks for mentioning my post, Susan! I’m having a really good time using FriendFeed. For whatever reason, it really seems to be an appealing way to scan blogs, Twitter, linking services, and the like. I seem to have Twitter, Google Reader, and FriendFeed open all the time while I’m working… which might explain why I seem to be having trouble getting things done these days!

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