Questions:News, Local, Community and the future

A koan of questions:

  • What makes local community sites successful?
  • How do news, activism, and information fit together?
  • Will as many people read as post?
  • What makes local community sites and services sustainable (Besides the passion of their founders)?
  • As news media fragments, fails and consolidates (think about how almost all the newspapers in the Bay area are currently owned by Dean Singleton), what will take its place?
  • What is difference between information sharing and news on the local level?
  • Are communities adequately served in their need to share information with those who are part of them? Are their opportunities for discourse?
  • How can online tools empower more people in more communities?
  • What does empower mean in a local context–are there a set of key behaviors to support?
  • Revenue and business models–What will fund quality local online news and communities?
    Folks, what are the other questions you’re asking about local online news and community? What are the best case studies you’re seeing? Please post here.

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  1. mcwflint says:

    A few of my thoughts:
    When folks are passionate about an issue – as local as the rezoning to allow a bar next door or more global – they want as much information as possible as quickly as possible. They will share, they will post, they will participate. But when the issue drags on too long or something else comes along, the interest dies.
    A solution: Cover lots of niches, or at least make way for lots of niches if you want to be “mass media” today.
    It’s easier to read then post so more will read then post. A few will post more than most.
    That was true back in the day of free-nets and it’s true today on a large number of sites.
    Good questions – each worth a post in reply :-)

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