Re:Public: John Kelly and the network media ecosystem

“Looking at the *newsroom* of bloggers:
Columbia grad student and smart person John Kelly is describing how his project does statistical analysis on bloggers and clustering/affinities and then links that with attentive clusters to understand information flow and movement within news organizations and the blogosphere–in 5 languages(!) Russian, Arabic, Persian, Scandinavian and English–He’s describing the political bloggers in English on both sides, and looking at the values and Middle-East focused bloggers on the right, and then the inside the Beltway, feminist and African-American bloggers on the liberal side. Kelly’s project is analyzing the semantic structure of tagging and who uses specific tags–and which tafs are *biased*–via “moonbats” and “wingnuts”; “Milblog” and Islamofascist.”
“Unique as a snowflake the shape of each blogosphere has to do with different things.”
Susan sez: I would love to get ah his data and see the actual studies; right now, there is so much information being shared it’s going past as a set of showy card tricks.
Looking at how bloggers look out at other sites and links–a visual map–the clusters of outlinks and what is linked to–dominate relationships and clusters are revealed and you can see where the linking centers are–this data is great, but the talk is rolling over me a little, other twitters think there are too many small dots on the slides (“eye exam”).
Susan sez: I wish John Kelly could tutor me in his stat magic; I love this kind of research. If I got to play, I’d ask him to see if he could build a predictive model of what is viral for specific segments. That floats my boat bigtime.
Finale: He mapped the bloggers and the org–but Miz Squinty here can’t see a damn thing.